Exercise can improve your mood…i think it's true. i have to say the two days i worked out this week with one of my clients (i am a certified personal trainer) have been good days for me. tired yes but after taking a nap i was in a good mood for a change and actually got some cleaning done around the house! yea for me!
i have been told about the benefits of physical exercise but it's been hard to be motivated when i am in such a rut. the lady i train hates working out so much she will only do it if i do it with her and i need the money so there is my motivation to start back to working out!
i am not saying this illness i have is cured, as it is tough to beat and i am taking it one day at a time, but i have had 2 ok days this week and that is more than i had the previous week, months or maybe years. it's been a long road for me with this depression.
well at the least it is a start for me and i hope i get the same effects next week when i train my client again.
i missed the feeling or muscle soreness you get after a work out. i was able to text one of my close friends and got a lot of words of encouragement from him and he is glad to see me back at training people and working out.
i have a friend moving back to this area in august and wants me to work out with him, which is my long term plan. this will give me a few weeks of getting back into the habit and ready for a more rigorous workout at a regular gym (my client has a gym in her home and we workout there). i hesitate about going to a regular gym as i am not in the shape i was before i got sick and have an issue with my appearance as like i said i am not in top shape, but i need to get over it and make the move to a gym when the time comes. i discuses this with my therapist and at my "group" meeting every Tuesday. the way i see it, it's the combination of talk therapy along with medication and working out that may make a difference in my recovery.

  1. yirah 10 years ago

     Yes. Excercise is good for depression. I can't blame you for not wanting to do it when you're depressed, so make sure you don't let that stop you. That's not a good circle to get into. It's good that you have motivation to do it. Maybe you can have a friend excercise with you too! I'm glad it's working for you. Keep it up!

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  2. feDAy87 10 years ago

     I agree, something as little as a 10 minute workout can do wonders for the mood. Sadly, what it's supposed to help with is precisely the thing that's prohibiting it being done. In other words: depression makes me not want to do anything against depression. It's a vicious circle.


    Back when I was still regularly working out I found that physical exercise helped me stay grounded and centered. Also, punching a sandbag gets some of that frustration out. I wish I could do that again.


    Best wishes,


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