This weekend kicks off an insane couple of weeks in my life. Most of the commitments are really positive, fun events I have been looking forward to, but the logistics of making everything work are pretty intimidating. I am going to a concert with my sister and two of our cousins this weekend, which means I am travelling out of state to meet up with them. I could really use a girls' weekend and a night or two away from the kids, but the travel time and the anxiety of leaving the kids with anyone else (even my husband) takes away from some of the enjoyment. I am also a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding the following weekend, which also requires me to travel out of state (to the same state I will be in this weekned) So I decided to just stay instead of making the trip twice. During this same time…my husband's grandfather is visiting from Scotland and will also be up in the same state staying with my in-laws. So…my husband is taking the kids to his inlaws while I go to my concert, then I am joining them at his parents' place…then mid week he is going back home for work and I am taking the kids to MY parents' house to finish out the week and then driving the kids back down to our place. I am already exhausted just thinking about everything that will be involved in managing a one year old, three year old and five year old on an out of town visit that lasts for ten days….ugh!

To top things off, my husband ended up having to go to a work conference early this morning, which means he had to fly out of state and won't be back until late tomorrow night. I am a bundle of nerves thinking of him on a plane and I am equally nervous being at the house alone with the kids all night. I know I should be sleeping to gear up for our insane week and a half that starts on Saturday, but I just can't switch my brain off tonight.

And as an added bonus, I checked the mail today and I have a jury summons for the day I get back into town. Now I have to line up childcare for the kids and my go-to babysitter is having a baby of her own this week, so I am going to have to get creative.


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