So Saturday was a pretty crap day. I woke up early to take my car in to have the oil changed because I’m lazy and haven’t done it since I got the car. So I figured I’d better before something happens. Now my car I got in March is a 03 Murano and I’ve never had any problems with it ::knock on wood::. So when I got the call that my car was finished but ‘had I had any problems with it starting up’ I was a little worried and annoyed. So they then tell me that my battery seems to be dead. Weird considering I drove it there, they drove it in to get the oil changed and then now it won’t work. Oh well I sucked it up and went down there, paid for my oil change, tire rotation and the new battery. We took the car home and Bryan installed it. Upon install now the car when you turn it over would turn over fine but immediately after would dip down in power and once went out. So I’d have to give it a little gas. Now I was upset and angry that something happened to my car that never showed any signs of problems. Not that there was anything I could do about it then because the place was closed and wouldn’t be open again until Monday.

Sunday was better, I woke up at 11 or so. Me and Bryan went out to eat lunch at Chipotle and went and walked around the mall getting Christmas ideas for people. Then went and saw Into The Wild (movie that’s out in select theaters directed by Sean Penn). I really enjoyed the movie. So we then drove over to Bryan’s house to check on the yard (long story Bryan rents out his house and the last tennents didn’t water anything it seemed so things were dead or dying, he was pissed to say the least). Then we decided to go to target to see if they had the firepit we were looking for. They didn’t but had one that was equally as nice. So we got it. We went home and put it together and watched some T.V.. When bed time came I was stressed out about Monday remembering that I’d have to take my car in and spend who knows how much getting fixed whatever was wrong. I had anxiety and problems falling sleep.

I woke up early this morning to only go outside start my car and things started normally. We tried it a few times then laughed it off. There is this joke that I have a self fixing car because I had a dent in my front fender from bumping the wall in the garage and after 2 days it popped back out slowly. Then now for some reason (that I’m not going to question) my car started up normally and has the 5 times I started it this morning. Let’s just hope that it stays ‘fixed’.

I hope everyone has a good week. And hopefully this is some kind of preface to what my week will be like.


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