A groups of people make laws… when problems arises they pile on more and more laws to deal with the problem offhand.

They rarely reform laws for some reason… and now that our world is full of laws… I cannot help but think that now that were accustomed to it… Were living like caged animals in a lab experiment.

It's as if the laws decipher what's real… and it strangely affects the human mind I think…

Wouldn't it be easy if to see the people as… just analysis or not really animals worth anything if it was just on a peice of paper waiting to be signed?

If it is true that were now accustomed to this kind of life full of mental bars and physical bars… Then that now were mentally "enslaved" as opposed to phisically enslaved?

Do we have any hope left to go back to the times where everything was just starting out and therefore full of possibilities?

Now that the systems all grounded and taken form like a cooled steel… than now it is definitely harder to break it.

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

-Aldous Huxley

Most people are definitely offputted by politics… It's boring and they're almost always never straight forward, it's hard to see the right and wrong… Now a days because now the system's become too complex…

We don't know what's going on behind the scenes… can we really entrust these people with millions of lives… when we haven't even met them?

I am not sure… if we should revolt… or stay still cause I am not sure if they're doing their jobs with the purest intentions or not.

Not many can deny the fact that the government have in the past… been ill willed to some people… and they have manipulated people in such a way to act according to their plans…

It seems as to me that they just let the people do whatever until they need us and then stuff us with enough mind bullets to think we aren't being controlled and act in favor to them… when we aren't doing anything that's good for the human kind nor for us at all.

What is the truth behind all this… I am sure it's not black and white… and it's complicated… but are we getting our deal off this too?

Are we getting everything that our rights as humans gave us the priviliege to?

Are our lives… and thousands of others worth fighting for the cause of real freedom for the people… or not…

I am scared… I am not sure if I am living up to my potential… or humanities living up to potential at that. I am not sure if were finally barred but the bars are invisible… unable to see so we think were actually "free".

I am not sure if this expending power of government rule is good for us… Are we not smart enough to think of laws on our own? The ruling class is humans too… I am not sure… as now the systems too complicated and maybe they wanted to make it this way…

Maybe it's too soon to tell if this type of government rule is bad… maybe it''ll be better to start now then weep when we've finally lost our chance and made it harder for people.

People have been living life… the same way… only the government has enough power to change it. We haven't done anything wrong… we keep on buying what's neccesary and we do our jobs to make a living…

It's kind of baffling that were in this economic crisis right now… What have we done wrong? NOTHING… We haven't done wrong because we were just like sheeps following the leader… Whoever that might've been…

Maybe it's our fault of not becoming the man and being outspoken about it all… Just following blindly…

But I guess it's hard for people to learn… as most of us still aren't being outspoken or learning what's going on… and the government just going around doing whatever they want.

the citizens are a simple man… we just want enough to live in comfort… and provide for our families… maybe we haven't asked enough… maybe were just being used, sucked out of everything important to us, and being thrown out into a trash can when we have nothing useful left.

They don't even flinch while they're doing this to us… while we don't even notice the mosquito sucking on our precious blood.

Our body's been enslaved; working all day everyday for survival… Our mind's been enslaved… as a sheep. and what's next? their's only our spirituality… which even that might've already been enslaved.

Something has gone horribly wrong… Wars are going on without our permission… and while the richer gets rich, they want US to suffer for their mistakes and pay off for what THEY had done wrong…

Is this fair? is this the so called "human rights" or freedom that America takes so much pride for?

They're just like thugs stealing candy from the baby… or should I say the blind, the deaf and the nonspeaking man… Were like disabled people here… no wonder they think we don't know what's for the "GOOD" of ourselves…

They're not scared by us… while were literally frightend of them… They bully us over do whatever they want… maybe next time they'll want our wife and children for their "needs" too.

Were not asking for the rights that we should have… cause OUR LIVES IS OURS… NOT ANYONE ELSES.

Why should we trust these people with our wellfare and our SPIRITUAL JOURNEY HERE ON EARTH!

They have literally made thousands of lives meaningless… they succeeded in taking the soul out of us… They are in control of our physical, mental AND spiritual lives…


they should be working for us… working to improve on our overall quality of life… but in the past decades of years have they done that?

They just say this and that… to literally mind fucking us and use their well written speeches to gain our trust… but I guess people never learn.

If were that stupid then I say we deserve to have everything taken away from us… Since were not even posing a challenge.

We cannot let thousands of these dumbfucks running OUR LIVES!

OH so they're voting about this or this, maybe later on they'll outlaw vegetables too, I am saying FUCKEM!

FUCK WHATEVER THEY'RE VOTING FOR, cause they've never came up to ME and asked me for my conscent.

Oh so now I need to apply to become a voter? WHEN U GUYS ARE MAKING PLANS FOR MY LIFE? WHO THE FUCK GAVE U THE CONSCENT?

These other guys are NOT in control of MY LIFE, unless I let them.

Ahh too much laws… they're literally testing the laws with our lives… I guess it's not oh so precious for them… I guess one generation has to sacrifice for the next generation… but this shit has been going on for HUNDREDS OF YEARS!

WTF! anyway I guess we'll never learn… and they'll never learn too… maybe giving up hope is good for the mind, and cause me to be blind to all the problems like the rest of them. IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED! I AM BEING SARCASTIC HERE!

Oh wait… maybe they're scared of us… that's why they're using strong arm tactics to keep us under control? hmmm I am talking about when they do use it…

Oh well.

"The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization."

-Sigmund Freud



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  1. nelson 13 years ago

    Wow you are very brilliant and intellectually charming.but i would advice you make your blogs short and concise because i read and read your blogs to eat it all.

      Write more and explore more

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