I have a very important decision to make and i just dont know 🙁 Here is th dilema hope someone gives me thier opinion on this: Job one: this one is my old job where i rather not go back because ive had bad anxiety monets there. On monday after applying in a few places and never got any calls back i decided to go here as my last resort. I filled an application and i talk with a person who decided to hire me and she evwn put me on the schedule. I haven fill the hire papers and im not even on their system but im on the schedule to work this week end. In fact today im going to give them the papers they need to officially become they employee. Job two: i applied there didnt get a call back. A week later they ask me to go for an interview. After that i didnt get a call back so i lost all hopes. This is tje place where i want to work by the way. The same day i went to apply at my old job they called me to go and fill the new hire application papers so i did and they even did a drug test and im able to clock in and out which means im in their system. I thought i was going to get hired but after i did alll of that they called another lady and she said that there was not a spot for me. So im confused they said that they would tell me friday. So i dont know if im hired or not before leaving they said to go back tuesday to do computer work and this tells me im hired but with out a place to work. Dilema: i dont know if i should whait for job 2 to confirm if im hired or not. I will know this friday or nest week. Mean while job 1 wants me to work thus weekend so i have to guve the paper they gave me to fill today. So i dont know what to do. All i know is that im going today to give them the papers. Juat in case job 2 doesnt hire me. Job


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