So today was another marvelous day.

Well I am a canine obedience trainer and kennel manager at a doggy day care facility. Unfortunally, I just started 2 weeks ago and I hate when people try to make you feel unintelligent. For starter, I am a great obedience trainer. I did almost 2 years of working off the clock for this title. Just because if you go into the program, you have to pay some money for the certificate. I have worked with regular client dogs, police k9, and behavioral issues dogs. Anyways back to the point. My boss lady of the facility constantly redicules me, just because I am for one a newbie at this job and secondly I may tend to give my point of view all the time. Well today we have dogs that check in and we have these cage cards with all their informtion and such. Well, run dogs out to the play area. Each group meaning we separate small, medium and large dogs. They play with each other and have a great time. Well every morning whoever is working up front has to print the cage cards. So I know almost every dog with exception of a few. This tiny little yorkie came in and went into the a room for small dogs. SO i thought she was able to have doggy day care. When i brought her out, the boss lady was like "what are you doing?" I responded "she was in the small doggy day care room and she doesnt have information but I checked with so and so, and she was alright" Boss lady "well she isnt a daycare dog, you should know this Shannon. If she doesnt have a card, why did she bring her out" I said "well so and so said it was fine" Boss lady "well you should use your judgement, if there is no cage card, then dont bring them out and tell so and so we have to have them printed out at 7 am." By this time she was giving me attitude. Really pissing me off. SO i responded " I understand that there isnt a cage care, however, i asked before i brought her out. Unfortunally I was misinformed and I did what I was told. Like you said, the cards are printed out at 7 and they were not. SO it was so and so 's responsibility. If I need to do it myself I will so this will not cause a dispute betweeen me and you. I am just doing my job the way you want it." There was nothing said after that. After about 2 hours, she came back with an apologee and telling me I was doing a great job. However, she still complained constantly, its like really? I think she may have some problems more than me. What this all entails is that normally, I do not fly off the handle like that. Things are starting to make me very irritated. AS before I would say okay, and thats fine. And my patience is going out the window. This is exactly why I hate being off the medication. Before I was mellowed out and felt even. Even the most stressful things didnt bother me to much..grrrrrr

SO tonight I am going out and having some fun. I am going to not drink and let my friend drink. I want to see how much fun I can have without referring to a drink. Just because I am a completely different person when it comes to that. And I end up in a guys bed again.

So another subject. I am sorta of seeing this guy. I told him I dont want a relationship, especially because I dont want to commit and I havent been single that long. Oh boy I think he is getting a little attached. Like normally he will call during his lunch and we will chat for a bit. However, he called me at 530 this morning just to say hi. I was already at work and I couldnt answer. Then he called at 330 which is the time I get off. He wants to take me to dinner and got me something for my birthday. I feel very uncomfortable about this. I have told him I dont want to get involved emotionally. I cut those emotions off a while back. Do i like him? Yes. Is he a great guy? Yes, actually he is total opposite of what I have been dating. He is a super nice guy. And I havent led him on, and actually I have been trying to push him away. But its like a challenge for him, and maybe I am just to selfish. I dont know. Makes life harder for me. I have more things to focus on. Like getting myself put back together

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    You want to tread slowlt.  The first issue is Boss lady.  If she hired you to manage, she doesn't seem to be capable of allowing anyone autonomy.  This maycome  be a problem.

    Second, I think you need to let him take you to dinner.  Then you need to lay things out as you need them.  Then you have to ask him if he can honor the conditions.  If he can fine; if he can't I think you may  think about terminating the contact.

    Boss Lady and recovery are all ready a full plate.

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