Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, life has my busy of sorts…


I’ve been here in Houstons Nassau Bay, working at Nasa Johnson Space Center, for about a month now.  The work has been good, not to challenging.  I found a psych who’s office happened to be across the street from my hotel, with a pharmacy right next door to the hotel.  How convenient.  He doubled my lithium to 1200 from the 600 (that wasn’t doing anything) prescribed Trazodone to help me get 8 hours of sleep per night, and as my BPII is on the depressive end of the spectrum with sparse hypomanic episodes, Trazedone serves two purposes (is designed as an anti-depressant, with sedative side effects) and I was prescribed my happy pill of choice, Klonopin! πŸ™‚  which I take sporadically to prevent any efficacy and dependency issues. 

Working for Nasa can be challenging, getting through the beuracracy being the challenge (in getting anything accomplished πŸ™‚  The alone time can be somewhat depressing, but I have made a few friends (one cutie in particular) who are willing to show me around and hang out with me.  Thanksgiving sucked, I had Thanksgiving dinner alone at Lubby’s (a restaurant) but I did get well stuffed for $11.99 πŸ™‚  I have another month here in Houston, then I’m off to Nasa Ames research center in San Jose California for a month, then IVV in Virginia for another month after that.   They pay and Per Diem make up for any "sufferings" I have gone through.  I just bought a pimped out Sony Vaio, that I am so looking forward to, when it arrives.

Well, after all this travel,  I get to decide where I want to settle down and live (I can guarantee you I won’t be returning to Seattle, 10 years of that had me severely depressed! πŸ™‚  The sun here in  Houston, and the fact that it’s in the 80’s in winter, really has lifted me up, I feel wonderful most days just having it in my life again.

I might just settle down here in Nassau Bay, the ocean is nearby, and I’m sure I can avoid the hurricanes πŸ™‚  That is if NASA will have me permenantly (I’m currently a govt contractor with KBR).

Oh The Joy!



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  1. Louisiana1976 14 years ago

    I hope you can stay with NASA permanently–it sounds as if you”re happy there.

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