After about 3 weeks of getting too know SJM, I am now finding Us too be a force too be reckoned with.  We both can not seem too get ourselves out from beyond the Newness of what we have.  However it has become less exciting as we have both expressed a level of comitment too our Friendship and Love without reservation for hours and hours.  We have probably spent an average of at least 12 -16 hours a day online with each other the past 2 weeks.  We have reached a point whereby our sharing could use a shot of Reality.  Both of us are aware of this and are wanting too get together but the timing is still a little too soon.  As well, the temptation too cross over from a Deeply loving Friends into a Physical relationship has become overwhelming for us both.  Simply put we both are NOT participating in the Reality of Life as evidenced by our extremely large amount of time online.  I think what would be useful is, if we dedicated a smaller portion of the day too our sharing online.  Instead of 12-20 hours online together each day, a drop too about 4-8 hours would be a healthy change.  This would be a more realistic amount of time being spent together and would allow us too come back together with a more focused level of relating.  SJM may not like the suggestion and could interpret this as a rejection…She would be wrong.  SJM has had my consistent and undivided attention and can see the devotion if she looks at the Truth of what is being shared.  Conversing till we both pass out each day is really starting too create a sense of "What else is there"…when what we have is Well beyond the LOVE any madly in love couple could reasonably be expected to keep up with.  There is nothing SJM and I will not talk about and nothing we are not capable of working through.  Creating a level of space is going too be difficult since we Both are in this addictive/dependency cycle of staying tethered at the hip.  I am exauhsted right now, as I have only slept about 8 hours in the past 3 days.  Not something I can keep doing and feel able too stay connected too this girl constructively.  We have time…We have Truth, We have Tolerance, We have Gentleness, We have Everything and all we need do now is Nurture it appropriately and all should be PERFECT.  So with that said, SJM, I LOVE YOU.


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