Well I had a situation come up this weekend that I didn't expect but it happened.  A close friend of mine found out once again that his girlfriend who he has been with on and off for 8 years has cheated on him once again. He has tried to make it work for the sake of his son that he has with her.  He called me in a drunken stupor and then was unresponsive as I heard heavy breathing on the other end. I know he called me because I also had found my ex-wife cheating on me years ago and had to deal with it.  So I guess I'm the veteran in this situation.  Well I being the person I am drove to his house to find that he had drank a whole bottle of Grey Goose Vodka which would have been a good start for me but for him a person that usually only has 2 or 3 beers I was worried.  His mumbling of suicide and killing himself was something I really didn't wanna hear and never do, but I've been there.  Normally I would have used this situation to take the focus off myself and as always reach out and help.  I cannot help anyone at this point in my sobriety and therefore put him in my car and drove him to the hospitol. I told the doctors the situation and also told them that it would be beneficial for them to keep him a couple days because he was talking about harming himself.  I felt bad to do this to him but I am not a doctor or a counsilor.  They asked me why they couldn't release him to my care and I was honest with them about where I am at in my life and sobriety.  To my surprise they were very understanding which blew me away.  As I left I still felt guilty but I knew it was the right thing.  Now he has been released and will not talk to me but I would hope that he will understand what I needed to to for him and the last thing I want is to give someone bad advice and have them kill themselves.  I have enough on my plate I don't need that weighing down on me.


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