have you ever went to sleep and it was so good you didnt want to wake up and then you had to pee or you had stomach cramps or was horny and it woke you up anyways thats what happened to me today but i gor an extra four hours an now my dad want me to buy some materials for him its weird how people still don except me but i have to swollow my prde and accept them, and i dont even like to swollow lmao.

i dee it now if i dont embrace his nefew then we going to argue so im a stay in my room, god thank you for today it was a blessed one i pray i have a blessed night and i just enjoy life to the fullest, it would have been hot if i wwas the cleaner i will see a whole lot of cuties at nght time, the only thing is the thugs be out at night too so i have to be very careful, not that i am afraid its just im a target cause im a christian.

i look cute today david and vincent didnt text me but my bae text me and my stalker so i dont really feel bad. i should ceck on tweety but he dont even like me so i give up. im glad i dont feel the same way anymore im cool i kind of want to see that boy again i pray i see him on sunday lol or in the near future. it is four oclock and he want to go buy tiles and stuff now what gives this is why i kind of wish i had my own place ill be eating tacos, and drinking voldka and watching bet or law and order and just took a hot shower ironed my clothes did laundry and got ready for work not that i really want to do that i want to clean but i dont know god please help me.


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