The Girl That Looks Lost – By Me

I walk the busy streets

My head hunched down

Over my shoulders

I feel so isolated

From the world around me

I have the odd glance up

Prying eyes turn

Their attention on me

'The girl that looks lost'

I try to ignore


On the only thing

That i can relate to…

My music

The only thing

That dosn't judge me

I feel the light spits of rain

on my bear scared skin

I feel the faint trickles

Run down my face

I look at my sad pathetic reflection

In a shop window

And notice

My hollow eyes staring back at me

The world is carrying on as normal

Without a care in the world

People rushing for taxis, trains, busses

And then there's me

Walking at a pace

That only a snail can relate to

Looking like

I haven't a care in the world

Why should I?

Why should i have a care in the world?

The world doesn't care for me

I am just a number

I must be mad to have feelings


How can numbers have feelings?

But i do…

I do have feelings

And no one can see

How much these feelings are hurting me

I've been told

Told that i need medication

Why do I need medication?

Whats so wrong with me?

Why am i so different from everyone else?

Is it because

I notice my feelings

And am not afraid to get help?


As i walk the busy streets

My head hunched down

Over my shoulders

I feel I'm an individual

Listening to my music

And taking my time



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