Today has been another up day…but at least the hypomania is low-key for hypomania. This morning we got up and went to breakfast at my husband's Dad's house with all of his brothers and nieces. The boys of course had their yearly Nerf gun war in the house, and the women all stood around outside talking and laughing about the men and the kids. We were there until about noon, and then we rushed home because we were meeting up with our friends and their kids to go to an Easter Bash at a nearby farm that takes in unwanted animals and gives them a home. The funds from it all go to feeding and care of the animals. The kids had a great time with getting their faces painted, playing in bouncy houses and mega-slides, petting the animals and doing a bunch of running around. We were there for 3 hours and finally had enough.

I came home for a bit to try to take a nap (another headache from the steroids ~ only 2 more days of it thank GOD!) while Aaron and Zachary went back to our friends' house to let the kids play and to make dinner.

I got back up about an hour and a half later and went back down to their place and did dinner with them and joked and played Yahtzee of course. I stayed until around 9 when I realized I had to come home and do Zachary's Easter basket before they got back too. So I came home and hung out with my Mom and we did his basket and talked.

Now I'm sitting here blogging about my day.

You know ~ it's funny in a sad way…the way my Mom and I can talk and hang out and enjoy each others' company when it's just the 2 of us. But any time you add someone else ( besides my son) into the mix she gets all tense, defensive and even aggressive. I don't understand the change in dynamics, but I guess there's underlying issues there that I can only guess about because she certainly won't tell me. She's been this way for a very long time, and even more so since my stepdad passed away.

Today is also a special day for my husband and I. We've started dating 15 years ago today. Hard to believe that! Really scary to think about the fact that I married my high-school sweetheart, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I have such a loving and kind man to be my steadying hand when things get rough, and to be affectionate and funny most of the time but still know when to give me my space. Like now. I came home to do Zach's Easter basket, but I also needed me time, so that's why he and our son are still down there. I'm sure they're enjoying themselves too. So am I. 🙂

I'm not feeling very philosophical tonight, so I think that's it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow in some way, regardless or because of the day it represents. Much love and hugs to you all!


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