Things seem to be looking up at the moment, I’m getting a lot of support from my mental health worker…It’s good to have somewhere who you can rant too and someone who can understand why I feel the way I do.

I’ve also been accepted for DLA so at last I will have a small income. James is working hard to get himself better and We both get support from his mental health worker. I just have to make sure he doesn’t drink and he continues to take his medication.

I had a slight falling out with my mum today which really upset me because i love her so much, but we soon worked it out so it’s not all bad.

[br]I’m also hoping to start having driving lessons again so hopefully I will actually achieve something this year – fingers crossed – [br]

[br]Me and James are planning on going on a small holiday in march for my birthday, Nothing big just a small holiday on a caravan site, I think the sea air will do use both the world of good.
I finally had a good nights sleep last night, decided to take a couple of sleeping pills – not really supposed to but I was desperate for a good night’s sleep and it helped![br]

[br]All in all today has been a good day. I keep neglecting my blogs, So I’m going to try and post every day.[br]

[br] I really need to get motivated, I have been neglecting my house work big time so the place is in a mess, and I’ve been binge eating a lot recently and have put on just over a stone in weight so I desperately need to go back on my diet, if you can call it that!? I went through a stage of not eating at all and I lost a lot but I don’t want to go down that path again so I just need to stop the binge eating and exercise more, I just wish someone would stick a rocket up my bum so I can get motivated.[br]

[br] Anyway I’m glad today has been a good day, I just wish every day was this good. Let’s see what the weekend brings[br]


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