So yesterday I get a call from the Dr. I was going to see on February 25th. Saying they had an opening for Monday at 11am. I was so shocked and surprized that I almost fell over. Normally dr's offices in the past have called to reschedule by pushing my appt. date BACK. Never forward! FINALLY. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my breath held until I'm actually there and hes not sending me on my merry way w/o a session because of past experiances. Although, i've gotten a good feeling about this guy. It will be weird in a way because I normally don't feel as comfortable or open w/ male drs. So now i'm pretty happy. I know I get overwhelmed when i go to dr's appointments and when they ask me how I feel during a panic attack I kind of go blank. I forget the ACTUAL effects and feelings that are going on so I've decided to make a list over the weekend. Really think about alllll the ways I feel during one, the triggers that I can best identify and so on. Im going to walk in there w/ a goddamned folder haha. I already called my GP in tucson (who was perscribing the majority of my meds, before they 'ran out of options') to have them fax my records of meds tried and meds failed. I don't remember all of the specifics of the ones I was on so…I feel that this will help him make a better decision and i will not have gone thru all that trial and error in vain.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I've now got my hands full … I got a new foster dog last night. A 9 mo. old pitbull mix boy named Hank. He's a sweetie but has bit of a prey drive towards the cats so i've gotta keep on him so he learns kitties aren't for lunch. 🙂


  1. RecycleYourself 16 years ago

    yay!!!!! thats really great news jade! and congrats also on the new foster 🙂

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  2. keeppushing6179 16 years ago

    Jade i'm glad things are going well. I hope this dr. makes an impact. I remember this therapist i had a few years back his name was Ken Voorhees. The most progress I had ever done while in therapy was with him. I eventually lost him to private practice but the year of improvement that i made with him i will never forget. I even have his business card. I told him when i hit the lotto i will call him lol.

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