I am still feeling like I am in my funk and after work tonight I could just scream.

It sucks when u work with a bunch of airheads. I mean how many times do u really have to tell people how to do something?

Well I am a beerslinger/cook I have worked at this place a few years ago. When I came back it was when they were rehiring all new staff for a reopening. Well I was like the only one going to be there most of the time that knew what they were doing.  This has now been 4 months and I am still working with the same people that started 4 months ago. We do have a new person been there about 3 weeks and he is really good. He does the cooking and I really dont have to tell him anything, just might need to show him how to do some stuff.

So now back to the others……..

I am an assistant mang. and let me tell u these people are dumber then a box of rocks. I mean I sat there tonight going over all the bills for the night (checking prices and what not) and over half the bills were wrong and most of them were the managers that were wrong. I am so sick of having to do the mangs. work and not getting paid to do it. How I feel is if that is ur job and u dont want to be the "bad person" in telling others what to do and making sure the job is getting done right dont be the mang. I have been there way longer and know what I am doing. I think it is bad when the mang. comes to me on so much stuff becuase she has no idea how to do it.

I am sick of telling the owner it is not my job to carry her in her work. I should not be the one trying to tell these girls how to do there job all the time. If the mang. is there all she does is b/s with her friends while the other girls are off goofing around then I am stuck doing all the clean up. I am sick of it! I hate telling them what to do all the time, but I have had way more then enough. I mean we have the same stuff to do every night when we close clean the kitchen, clean the bar, the tables, restrooms, stock, ect.  How hard is that?? If these girls can not get that down I dont know what to tell them.

I don’t think I should have to hold there hands and show them every little thing to do! Don’t get me wrong I will help them, but to do it every night is uncalled for. They have to be able to do things on there own too.

Half of these girls can not even put the right prices down for the bills…I mean come on all u have to do is look at the freaken menu all the prices are there.

I am so sick of doing all my work half of there work and getting paid jack. I mean look at tonight I worked 6 and a half hours and freaken made 38 dollars wtf is that??  That is including my hourly wage and the freaken 6 dollars I got in tips after splitting with 4 other people. Being stuck in the kitchen kills me. I could be out there making better tips.

All the girls are supose to cook but they will not or just can not do it so I am back there most of the time.

Then we have a girl that has sticky fingers and will pocket the tips I have seen it and the mang. has and we have had a meeting about it, but  like tonight we had a really really busy night and came out with 6 dollars a peice? Yea I think there is some funny stuff going on there, there is no reason with how many people there were tonight eating we only made that much.

I was thinking tonight how is it when it is a dead night I can walk away with more tips then on our busy nights? makes one start to think something is going on.

Well now I feel a little better that is until I go in tomorrow……3 more days and I get a day off I so cant wait!!


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