Well, it's been a rough few days. My daughter developed some complications due to her surgery and began bleeding badly the last two days. So after  three trips to the Emergency Room,  she went finally  back into surgery to fix the spot that was bleeding. Man, what a last few days. I've missed school, volunteering and sleeping….but…she is fine now and doing well. Thank goodness. But I hate hospitals!!

Other than that, I am doing okay, except for the part when I got blamed for a mix up between my sister and a friend for picking up my other child. I cancelled my friend from picking her up, however, when I realized I wouldn't be home from the hospital in time, my mother arranged for my sister to get her, but my husband had asked my friend again, and didn't tell me…so they both ended up going to get her and my sister told me later my friend was a bit pissed off over the mix up. So when I called her to apologize, she stated it wasn't that big of a deal but she had to wait for over half an hour to get her…I apologized again…my issue here, is…and please tell me if you think differently ….my husband and I were dealing with a crisis with my oldest child but at least tried to make sure our youngest was picked up from school, but instead of my sister or my friend saying…don't worry, you're dealing with enough, I got told they were pissed and I should apologize…

and it wasn't even my mix up…it was my husbands…but I always get blamed..so on top of being worried about my oldest, I was now feeling bad for the screw up with my youngest…but hey, at least we thought to make sure she was safe right!! I swear some people urke me so bad and I'm starting to develop a phobia of being around people..it just seems no matter what…I always end up doing something wrong…

at least one nice thing came out of it, I am actually missed by a few people at school, I was told it's not the same without me..that made me feel good.

But, trust me, my overall worry is about my daughter and the fact she wasn't stopping bleeding(from a previous surgery) and now she is fine. Happy and healthy. So, school, friends, family, volunteering..homework…I don't care…my kids are my number one priority and I am very proud to say I always put them first…

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  1. arnaesthetic 12 years ago

    Hope your daughter is doing better now – thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts.

    Hugs, Arna. xo

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