So much has changed since I last wrote .. After my Aunt Edris passed away my anxiety was at its worst , a month after that I went back to the doctor where I saw the PA , she finally diagnosed me with full blown anxiety , after I told her about all the symptoms that I have been having . Now with my Anxiety disorder given the fact that I am ADD , it messes with my concentration , so there for when my anxiety is high , I can't focus at all . I have been taking Lexapro 10milligams since January but apparently that was not enough and it needed to be increased so she increased it to 20 milligrams which I have noticed a major difference . This doctor also put on a medication called Buspirone , she started me 5 milligrams twice a day, this medication has helped me so much , I now take the Buspar three times a day , in the morning , afternoon & the evening .. I have now increased my Lexapro to 30 Milligrams which I take of an evening along with 75 milligrams of Topamax for Migraines & my doctor put me on a sleeping pill to help with the anxiety & tenson its called Vistral , 50 milligrams , I have only been taking half of the dose which 25 Milligrams until my body gets used to it , since I have been on this sleeping pill my sleeping much better , I have not been waking up through the night 3,4 times or having the issue of not being able to fall a sleep because my brain won't shut up & just shut down for 8 hours . The Vistral is very good at helping me relax and allowing my brain to relax & the next morning I wake up feeling great . The sleeping pill that I was on before that Trazodone also 50 Millirgams which I was only half that dose 25 milligrams to say the least I did not like the Trazodone , it took me forever to wake up in the mornings , it did not wear off util around noon , I also had a hangover until around noon which was right around the time it would wear off , once it did wear off, I got a terrible headache from it , plus it constipated me too , once I told my doctor was what happening , she told me to stop it & put me on the vistral which has been a life saver .. To say the least having anxiety disorder is not easy , learning to manage this disorder has not been easy but since going on medication I have noticed I am feeling so much better . I am able to focus so much better , for example writing this blog is a big accomplisment for me , just being able to express my self emotionally & mentally in words is a major accomplisment . Being ADD & having Anxiety is definately not easy , because ADD people don't know how to regulate their emotions , then you put anxiety on top of that & that makes everything ten times more challenging ..


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