Being one person is easily the smallest measurement of life on this planet. There are over six billion people here.. That's a lot of souls. So many lives improving and destroying each other, trapped in the circle we all happened to be born to.


Good or bad, the sheer dynamics of the world we live in force me to believe in something bigger than us. On this earth we are flesh and blood, but inside our slowly decaying bodies is an energy which never dies. The unique voice inside your head is yours alone, one that cannot be copied or imitated. There are more than six billion unique souls wandering around out there.


How have we come to believe more in this world than what lies beyond it? 


By some miracle of the universe, I came out alive at twenty-three years old. Not only have I circled the sun twenty-three times, I've lived and loved under its rays with an amazing family and a good support system. I've always taken it for granted, and in doing so became one of the more selfish people on the planet.


Self-resentment can push you really far down the rabbit hole. I realize now that no person or thing can pull me out of depression. It has to run its course, pouring out of me however slowly or quickly it desires until the last drop spills.


I've been fighting it for what feels like a marathon this time. Two years is a long time.


Today in my reflection I saw a person I can't recognize. She had life in her eyes. My footing finally found solid ground to tread on again.. I hope I'm ready for the path it's leading me to..


Here's to day one. Cheers.


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