I am Born Failed Looser Going to Tell My Life to the Secrets part of the Internet just like in Real World I am Ready To Get Failed on This Internet World Again.

I am 24 year (while typing this)  Shame for my Parents my Siblings and Don’t have friends even for myself in the mirror.

I am so Depressed that i Don’t even thing of dying because in order to take your own life you have to be successful to make your body die Yes my Body Die Because My Soul is Already DEAD.

I Don’t Even Think anybody would help me or take me out of my Depression.

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  1. sanatee 3 years ago

    Hey you. I know things are hard right now. I also keep wondering when someone will come save me.. But when I look back over my life I realise that no one really ever saved me. I had to pick myself up, love and nurture myself the best that I could. I am struggling to find motivation to do anything right now but I am trying. If I can do it alone though then so can you. Dont give up. Just try. Read a book on building confidence, improving your communication, quantum physics, or anything really! Just do anything and alwaya keep trying. You are worthy of love.. Especially your own love.

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