has anyone ever been turned down for a job they have already done all their life? im talking its been your career and all you have ever done…you have multiple years experience jobwise and schooling…only to be told that they are going with someone who's skills and experience match closer to what they are looking for…ive been in emergency medical services all my life…10 years on the ambulance as an emt/medic and 10 years as an er tech in the emergency room of a level 2 trauma center…ive worked radiology and internal medicine as well…ive saved lives…done cpr thousands of times…delivered 3 babies…worked my ass off in this field…currently enrolled in nursing school….how much more experience are they looking for… and for them to say that without even giving an interview…how is that possible…its all ive ever done and i do it well…ive done it for over 20 years….are they telling me there's some 20 year old kid thats a better candidate then someone with 20 years on the job…and how am i supposed to feel getting the boot without even being asked for an interview…thats like saying you arent even worth a half hour of our time…we dont see anything worthwhile in you…you didnt make the cut…its an er job i applied for…just like any er….if after everything ive done and im doing i'm not even worth an interview what point is there in staying in this field…what have i got to show for it…how am i not supposed to feel like the biggest failure around…i'm sorry for ranting…it just hit me hard…i see kids getting hired with a year of experience…ive done this all my life and i'm not even worth an interview…if i had a criminal record or was some strung out junkie maybe i could understand it more…all  i feel is confused and that i'm a loser….
  1. thumper 15 years ago

    sure doesnt seem like it….

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  2. lookingforward 15 years ago

    I'm sorry to hear about all that… it seems like this has been happening all over the country lately…  from what you wrote it sounds like you're more than qualified for the job but could be part of the problem. Maybe the brass wanted to save some money by looking for a rookie straight out of school so they could pay him half of what YOU deserve.

    It's deplorable, especially in your field where experience can mean the difference between life and death! Argh, "nevermind someone's livelihood, let's make sure those books are straight!". I really feel for you man– you aren't a loser, just an unfortunate victim of a terrible job market. It boggles my mind that this great country of ours has been driven into the ground these past eight years. Now honest working people and their familes are left to pay the price for our leadership's blatant and consistant incompetance. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that I can't rinse away.

    I really wish you the best of luck my friend, keep your head up and with a resume like yours I'm sure you'll find an appropriate job soon.

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