I am so, so sorry I haven't been on much latley!  I've just had a ton going on!  Since there's too much to list, I'll just mention my biggest events.

First off, I took my driving test for the second time.  This time around I failed again, but barely.  My instructor was extremely nice at least.  She said that I really am a good driver, but I need to stop being so nervous.  I guess I spent too much time thinking about my previous driving test at another BMV.  I won't go into details, but I can safely say it was the worst driving test ever.  I'm going to test again on August 8th with the same lady.  I really need to pass this test as I'm starting college on the 25th and I need to be able to drive there.  This isn't high school anymore where the bus just picks me up at the end of the courtyard.

I also went to my college campus yesterday for the first time.  I was planning on taking a tour as well as an assessment test, but there was a two-hour wait.  And there was no way I was going to wait that long!  My mom and I left and decided to go to the zoo instead, where I had way more fun at.

We also had a neighborhood garage sale.  Last September, everyone participated.  But this year, we were the only house in our back section who had one.  Surprisingly, though, everyone kept coming back, anyway, to see what was going on.  So everyone who came back, of course, came to our house since they had no other choice. ; )

I also went on a shopping spree on Friday and I saw two movies: "Wall-E" for the second time and "The Dark Knight".  "Wall-E" was even better the second time around.  As for "The Dark Knight", at first I didn't really want to see it as I am not a fan of superhero movies.  And through the first half, I was bored to death.  But Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker was phenominal.  Everytime he appeared on screen, the whole theater would suddenly perk up.  And no one knew whether to laugh at him, or to be scared of him.  Their mood would change literally within a second.  I'd recommend that movie, but only to see Heath's final performance.

I also went to the county fair, which was a lot of fun.  My mom would only pay for two rides, so I chose the best ones.  That second one got me so dizzy!  We also looked at the animals as well as all the 4-H projects, as I'm a previous ten-year member.  My little cousins are also in it, but this may be their last year as their township's 4-H has gone way downhill. 

So as you can see, I've had a lot going on!  Oh, and I'm also posting some pictures up on my profile of me at the zoo yesterday, too. : )

  1. Flaky 13 years ago

    I'm going to college for a marketing degree.  I'm starting off at a two-year college because it's three times cheaper and I don't have to take ACT or SAT.  I'm not getting any scholarship offers either.  As for the distance, I'm not all that far away from it so I'll still be living here with my mom.  But once I'm done with four years, I plan on moving to another city, and then to Georgia after that. : )

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  2. taz45_2007 13 years ago

    Yes I remember!! The driver test days lol I had a vw bug four speed

    It was hard had to get the sync of the gears besides the drivin bit ya know

    Took sometime but i made it .. writin test was easy thuogh.. behind the wheel is a matter of pratice ya know even when you get yer first drivers lic it takes about five yrs to  get the hang of it…

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  3. Flaky 13 years ago

    I took driver's ed three years ago and I got a new car when I was sixteen three years ago as well, but for some reason, I'm just now doing my driving test.  Driving's always been easy, but I always get so nervous whenever I have to do a big test in front of someone.  The typing tests in computer apps. class did the same thing to me as the teacher was always right there watching my every little move.  As for the written test, I passed it last year. ; )

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