Yesterday, I decided to host a little party at my apartment. I thought I'd be careful with my drinking, what a joke! I felt alright for the majority of the time as I sipped back vodka and talked with my friends. They made a lot of noise which made me happy – those people below us have been smoking a lot of pot lately (with a really strong scent), and I hope they enjoy the loud noise of my chatty friends.

So we went to a club. I'm glad I was drunk for it. It's loud and stuffy. I heard online that per cubic square, only 4 people should surround you! At this club, there's like 10 in one area. The strobe lights are annoying, and the smoke makes it difficult to see anyone. And there's always those perverted guys trying to pick someone up. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend. Then we ended up going to this bar where this girl who hates my boyfriend and me (from work) was there! I despised seeing her! She was very predjudice against my boyfriend on Facebook, saying that he was a bad boyfriend, that the company sucks, and to go back to Russia cause no one likes him. Oh, and she casually mentioned to take that 'bitch' back to Russia. I definitely didn't deserve what she said. When she was cold, I let her borrow my sweater and hat. When my Dad worked at the Pickle factory, I gave her free pickles! 😛 Then she ended her awful comments with a Jersey Shore quote (at least, that's what one of my friends told me it was from!) So I said I wanted to live, which sprung a fight with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. He didn't want to leave. And I felt bad but we left.

So I woke up actually 'early'. It was 8 AM, and I was feeling alright! I took some advil, drank some water, had some pebto, and ate a wrap with cheese and eggs and mayo. But eventually, my stomach started to really hurt. I thought I was going to throw up many times today, but it didn't happen. My anxiety sky rocketted too and I was worried I'd have a panic attack alone in the apartment. I really paid for last night. Ouch.

Right now, someone's yelling in the hallway. And it sounds like a baby is crying! I hate it when people sound like they're fighting. Should I check into it? I always worry, like "What happens if someone dies outside of my door and I did nothing?" :/

Anyway, I just had some tomato soup with grilled cheese … I hope it helps. I love tomato soup for hang overs …

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  1. Donnie_Brasco_9 12 years ago

    Tomato soup and grilled cheese is one of the best meals ever! I also find the day after I drink I feel very down and anxious. I try not to do it too much anymore.

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