I have had the most terrible time trying to sleep all week. I have been unable to sleep in my room because I think things are watching me. I become very anxious and I get really hot and then I just leave to go sleep in the living room. Although last night I still had difficulties sleeping in the living room and I had all the lights on. I was afraid to shut my eyes. When i'm trying to sleep in my room i'm always paranoid their is a peron in front of me, beside me, up in my sister's closet,and behind me in the mirror. The one that is beside me is the most troublesome because now it feels like it follows me into the living room. But the other ones stay. The one beside me sort of looks like the grudge only with a scarier face, the one behind me and in the mirror is sort of your normal white spirit looking person. The one in front of me has no face or anything I just see the outlines of a body forming. The one up in my sister's closet is actually 2 children a boy and a girl who are just really demented looking. Now i'm not actually seeing them with my eyes open but when I close my eyes I can picture them there. And when I do get the courage to sleep in my room I cannot sleep facing opposite of the one beside me because that makes it worse because inevitably I turn around and look. So i'm restricted to facing it's direction as strange as that may seem. Even when I tried to think of something else or something from that day the one beside me would pop in and I would immediately open my eyes. I guess I eventually got to sleep but I was really tired at school which always sucks. My fear is continually getting worse so I suppose I should talk to someone before the people in my room show up everywhere. And thank you to the people who have been commenting my blogs the last couple of days I really appreciate it.


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