So today has been pretty good. I went to see the psychologist. First, I went to guidence and he was there, and told me that he might be busy, but he also might not be busy, so he gave me a pass for the beginning of first period. So I go to guidence and they tell me to go to his office. Then, his door was closed. His door is never closed when he's in there alone. So, I go back to guidence and tell them that. They just told me to knock on the door. Yeah, like it's so easy? I make the appointment during gym, which meant that a math class with people from my grade where right next door! So I chickened out. I couldn't bring myself to knock. =( I guess it was okay though, because he called me down during History, and we were just watching a movie anyway.

We talked about Brain Lock. He thinks that it looks good and it will be helpful. I showed him the list of my Behaviors. He told me to pick at least one to work on. So, after talking, I think I'm gonna work on not plucking my eyebrows, even though it will be the hardest, I want to stop it the most. He also gave me a list of psychologists/psychiatrists for the summer if I want to go. I kinda asked for them. I want a diagnosis. I think that would make me feel slightly better, but I don't know why. But, there's a catch. I would need to tell my parents if I ever want to go, because I can't make appointments on my own. I want to tell them, but then again I don't. I want to go to the conference this August, so that's my goal. Try to tell my parents before August. We'll see what happens.



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