Anyone experience Insomnia???  Ths has been going on for some time now on and off, since Iv been #1 diagnosed and #2since Iv been on luvox.  Its so frustrating and dissapointing  because I have NEVER, and I mean never had sleep issues in my entire life untill now.  I have tried eveything, teas, herbs, melatonin… you name it, I have tried it…I was on sleep meds (benzos for about two weeks when first diagnosed because I had not slept in weeks) that of course worked like a charm and I was actually benzo free for weeks with no problems untill I upped my luvox dosage.   I do not want to go back on and  rely on these addictive, potentially harmful benzos, and am now on "vistaril" a non-benzo drug that does work, but again I do not want to take a  pill everytime I try and go to sleep on top of my ssri (which I hate taking as well, but know I have too for now).  Its not like I lay there and "think" I am definalty tired and exhausted, and want to sleep, but my mind and body (if I dont take something) will just not sleep….  I think its got to be a side effect of the luvox, even thought this ssri is supposedly suppose to help with insomnia…  I would really love to know if anyone has experienced this and what you did… benzo free suggestions please…  Maybe I should change the time I take the meds as I currently take my ssri at night a few hours before bed?  Maybe I should just take half a klonipin each night untill i gradually change med taking time? Maybe I should get on a different SSRI (but dont want to start all over with something that may or may not work) after 9 weeks on this…  Im at a loss, especially in the sleep department… Some info or suggestions would be very helpful and appreaciated.


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