Two things that really having nothing to do with each other are making me absolutely nuts right now.

First, it's being stuck at home because of this stupid snow yet again. In October we moved to a more rural house with a really long driveway and since it keeps snowing a ton, each time it does, I can't leave becaue my car gets stuck because I can't get out of the driveway. Normally, my husband would have plowed before he left for work but that broke and he hasnt had time to replace it.

On top of that, my husband has decided that I'm cheating on him because a femalefriend of mine sent me a message on facebook inviting me to some chat, which ihad never actually heard of or gone inand now refuses to wear his wedding ring because according to him we are "having problems". Pretty impressive for me to be cheatingsince I can never get out of the house unless he is home with his truck. Since this issue started he has only been home from work a total of 12 hours.(He's a firefighter/paramedic and due to the extreme weather has had to work a lot of overtime.) So now, he also will barely talk to me and definitely won't discuss the situation between us.

It's really starting to wear on me since he is really the only person Ive had face to facecontact with lately due to being stuck at home and now that he will barely talk to me, it's making me nuts.

I thought things were getting better last night because he was talking a bit more(not about the issue but at least we talked), also he would actually let me near him in bed and even have sex(sorry if that's tmi). Of course this morning he still refused to wear his ring and only wanted my opinion on some of his baby mama drama. I was really hurt by that. I'm good enough to sleep with and to give him advice but apparently our marriage isnt important enough to talk about.

I guess I'm frustrated and hurt because I've never cheated on him, nor would I ever, so it hurts that he would even consider me doing that.I alsothink it's pretty crappy that he feels like it's ok to ask me about his baby mama stuff without even trying to resolve anything with me And of course on top of it I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one in the house but the dogs. And because of my husbands work schedule he won't be home until tomorrow morning.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just so frustrated.

  1. MissFacktastic 9 years ago

    Thank you for the insight Chris, I really appreciate it

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  2. foreverchanging 9 years ago

    You have you two ever seen the movie \”fireproof\” ?

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