Please don't laugh at me for my inexperience when it comes to relationships with guys.
I made the mistake of signing up for an online dating site. I really want a bf, one who is caring and trustworthy. So I signed up for online dating. I found a guy I thought would be good for me. I began to IM with him and he was very quick to ask if we could meet up. I should have stopped there. I told him of my inexperience with dating and he said he wanted to help me with that. That made me feel odd, and again I probably should have broken communication. I didn't take the advice of DT friends like I should have, sorry guys.
What I feel was my last mistake for the night was giving him my cell number. I wince at what my parents and DT friends would think but I need to vent, so I continue to type this.
I closed the chat window when he asked for a picture of me. He text me and asked me what happened. I told him I got cold feet. He said he didn't mean sexual pictures, so I sent him a pic of me in my bedroom, not a revealing one. I didn't get his next message til this morning because I finally talked myself into going to sleep. He and I have stopped contact. He said it was ok.
So this time crisis and danger were averted but should I delete my account on the online dating site? Or wait it out and see if another type of guy comes along?
I really need experience with guys and dating. I have none, and I mean none. Part of me just wants to have sex and get it over with, but the logical side of me wants to wait. Don't worry friends, the logical side has availed.
I just think of my parents and the age they were when they started dating and I feel old. I guess they were younger than normal, 12 and 16.
I talked with God after all this happened last night and I couldn't help but think He saw me as a weakling.
Should I tell my mom–dad is not an option–about this or keep it to myself and my dt friends?
Thank you so much for reading

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    God does not see his creations in the flawed ways we look at ourselves. If early dating didn't sour your mom's attitude towards the opposite sex, maybe she could give you some sound advice.  Did she from many male- female relationships or does she only have herself and your father to go on? All this needs to be considered, before making any decisions.

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