It has been a while since I have been active or productive (in the case I have ever been) on here. But today the last day of 2012 I am very emotional (in a good way). It is just a normal day but it has also a special feeling, at least for me.

I realize how many times I have felt lonely when I wasn't. How many times I wanted something but held back for fear of rejection. The many times I have hated myself and still hope or a friend or partner to love me.

Sometimes we wish for a smile, a hug or simple nice words for comfort. In the hopes to feel less lonely, by anyone. That is why I want to share this. I am lucky enough to not be spending it totally alone as my sister is here with me. But I know there are a lot of people having a much harder time, people who don’t have something to eat, no roof, no family or friends, people in times of war etc. People who are very depressed right now. But also people who are hopeful, happy, and grateful. Or people who are full of hate for the way they have been hurt this year. I am sharing this with people online and I had the feeling that I should share this on this site too.

I have nothing else to offer right now than my sincere words, in hopes I give anyone a smile or a good feeling. Stay strong; don't let the bad words or actions of others destroy your inner peace and spirit as people who do this most likely are having a battle within their self too. Choose your words wisely because it can leave deep marks on others soul. Don't try to be perfect be yourself! People can judge but only you know how long and hard your road has been. Try to enjoy life as much as you can while you are still alive, even when it is very hard. Because life is very short. I will try and follow my own advice lol.

My wish to each and every one of you is:

May each day of next year be vibrant and new.

And bring you much joy and worries few. May you abandon fear, addictions and all other kinds of suppression and slavery the coming year.


Wishing you a year of courageousness of the heart, silence of the mind and presence in the now.


May you have …


Enough happiness

to keep you sweet,


Enough trials

to keep you strong,

Enough sorrow

to keep you human,


Enough hope

to keep you happy;

Enough failure

to keep you humble,


Enough success

to keep you eager,

Enough friends

to give you comfort,


Enough wealth

to meet your needs;

Enough enthusiasm

to look forward,


Enough faith

to banish depression,

Enough determination

to make each day better than yesterday


█▀█ â–ˆâ–€â–€â–ˆ â–„█░ â–ˆâ–€â–€â–ˆ 
â–‘â–„â–€ â–ˆâ–„▀█ â–‘█░ â–‘░▀▄ 
█▄▄ â–ˆâ–„â–„â–ˆ â–„█▄ â–ˆâ–„â–„â–ˆ 

â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘ *;;;;;;;;;*
â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘* ;;;;;;;;;*
â–‘â–‘â–‘ * ;;;;;;;;;;;*
â–‘â–‘â–‘* ;;;;;;;;;;;;*


Best wishes to you and your family and friends 


  1. LonelyFemaleForever 8 years ago

    Ugh I think the graphic is messed on when I copy and paste it here. Sorry!

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  2. landscaper 8 years ago

    a beautifully written blog… Happy New Years too you,hugs Les…

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  3. LonelyFemaleForever 8 years ago

     Thanks Les, Heather and Jul 🙂

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