Had my 3 week follow up with my Doctor today.  I asked him for a stronger dose of my medication, because it really helped a lot on the second week, but didn’t seem to be as effective the last few days.  He suggested that we stick with the same dosage for a couple of months, to let my body adjust to the new levels of chemicals floating around.  Should I still feel like an increase is needed then, he’ll be happy to up the dosage.  As he is the one with a medical degree, and I am merely an English student, I deferred to his opinion.

This was the first time I’ve had to actually purchase my medication.  Everything else has been free samples from the drug company.  I was rather shocked to find that it will be about $85/month for my lexapro.  That’s disappointing, especially since I didn’t go sell plasma today.  $85 is a lot of money when your income level is zero.  My wife offered to come pay it, but I still have some student loan money left, so I took care of it.

Last night, before I went to bed, I kissed her on the back of the head.

She flinched.

I lay in bed for about half an hour, and was no longer tired.  So I got up, put my clothes back on, and went to the movies.  I saw Crank 2, which was a completely insane blast.  When it was over, I didn’t feel like going back home, so I went to a topless bar called Night Trips.  I drank beer for a few hours, watched hockey highlights on ESPN, and chatted a bit with a lovely black girl bearing the unlikely moniker of "Isis."

I got home around 3am, and got up at 6:45am.  My sleeping habits are starting to fuck up again, and my anxiety about my wife is creeping back.  I will probably be calling Dr. Chan before the first month is out and asking for the increased dosage early.


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