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I am hoping to do this regularly, and hopefully I will end up with some regular followers. This post is for those people. I am a full time worker, full time student, and a wife and mother, but my life wasn’t always so planned out. My mental health journey started 9 years ago when I was 18 years old. Its amazing how quickly life hits once you are on your own.

For me it was the realization that the trauma and abuse I suffered in childhood wasn’t just going to go away because I had escaped. Instead it was the realization of how much damage had really been done. See I had thought that all of my problems would be solved once I was free, but that was when they really started. Free of the fear of physical threats I was left to deal with the mental scars. I was no longer disconnected from my situation, and everything was rushing in like a wave ready to wash me out to sea. I quickly sought counseling so that I wasn’t alone and I could get out some of the things I had locked away for so long.

See there were these demons in my mind that were birthed out of these experiences, and they were tired of being kept locked up. But how do you talk about things that you have denied for so long? I had spent years telling myself that everything was my fault and that I could never tell anyone because I didn’t want to disrupt anyone else’s life. Talking about this stuff got easier as the years went on, but the damage is still there. I am still broken, though I am gluing myself back together piece by piece.

Several therapists later, I am still going. I think seeking help is one of the most important things people can do and we need people who will be there with no expectations. Over the years I have suffered from several losses, and some additional issues, but its my choice to try to overcome these things.

I am hoping  to do a blog series cataloging my experiences, advice, and struggles throughout my mental health journey. I hope that if you are reading this that you will continue to read my further posts and maybe find something that will help you on your own journey.


A Broken Mind

  1. ldakota14 11 months ago

    Hey! Today is my first day in any of these groups so I haven’t explored deeper on this site yet to fully understand the experience/process/group layout.
    Are you looking to have some sort of group conversations on here or just a blog?

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    • Author
      abrokenmind 11 months ago

      My initial intention is just a blog, but I am open to conversation and ideas on blog topics or things people would want to know about as well. Over time I will probably move to a more independent platform like wordpress.

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