Social Anxiety/Social Phobia is partly the result of your environment(at least for me it was in my case). I grew up in a neighborhood with very few kids around (besides my brother & I).In fact most of the time there were no other kids around.After fifth grade,starting middle school was when my social phobia became full blown-the friends I had in the fifth grade had ditched me.Nobody tried to help me,they just made me see a speech therapist which was a waste of time cause they thought I had a speech impediment,when in reality I was anxious in many social situations therefore I sometimes slurred my words.I've heard of people who move to a foreign country who can't speak the language and say they have culture shock.For me I think I would do better to move to a new culture.The town I grew up in is not friendly (especially to people who are different).I feel inivisible here.I can't believe I'm still in this icky town.I plan to move out later this yearSurprised Another thing abt schools/environment.When I was in school there was only one private school in town-my mom checked it out and it was no good so I was stuck in the public school systemCry. A relative mine in another state may have a touch of social anxiety himself(I haven't spoken with him in years)but I heard he had to leave public school because things were so bad for him.His first month in private school he spoke with no one/or practically no one.Things got better for him (at least to some degree(as I said I haven't spoken with him in years).I've spoken with three or four out of towners who tell me it's hard to make friends in this town(and these are people who are very socialYell.I think this disorder must be partly genetic,but I do believe environment plays a major role,too. Anyone else agree? or disagree? I'm willing to hear both sides.




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