I dont know if anyones going to actually read this but it gets stuff off my chest i guess and i just thought i’d introduce myself to all this. My name is Mason and im 17, Im transgender (Female to male) and completely accepted by my family and friends, Im currently on a waiting list to get therapy to hopefully start hormonal treatment. Anyway, I was born in Germany due to my dad working in the army but moved to the UK when i was 4 since all my family live here. I dont remember much of my childhood so theres not much i can say on that but i was quite a lonely kid back then, i had 1 or 2 friends but it was good enough for me. High school was where everything got a bit tough, I was questioning everything – my sexuality, gender and all sorts, i found a new friend and she was the first major crush i had, the first time i was attracted to a girl, it made everything a lot harder for me. I started getting depressed at about 12-13 due to so many things, got into some bad habits – cutting was one of them, thankfully i got out of all of this when i was i think 15, i began to view the world completely different and it helped me out a lot. Being honest with myself i believe it was just a phase due to hormones and everything. I finished school a year ago and im currently on my second year of college, ive got a beautiful girlfriend who i love like mad (we’ve been together almost a year now) and life is going okay, i have my ups and downs now and again but it happens.

Ive made a lot of progress with my transition, small steps which seem massive to me. I came out as bisexual when i was 14 (i think – i cant remember) and i was accepted by everyone but after a while i soon realised i was actually transgender, i told my mum – since im closer to her than my dad – and she told me some stuff from when i was a kid. Apparently, when i was being potty trained i used to stand up to try to wee, i used to wear my brothers clothes all the time and hated wearing dresses, she told me that i also once said to the social worker (we had troubles with my dad at the time) that i was a boy. Anyway, when i was about 11 or 12 my mum let me wear boy clothes since i hated wearing girl ones and i always asked for boy stuff. I always wanted my hair cut since i had long curly hair and i hated it and finally a day after my birthday on July 25th 2016 i got my hair cut short after a long time of persuading my mum, my mum was accepting of me but she didnt quite know what to do about it all. I recently had my first doctors appointment in december of 2017 and soon after i was put on a waiting list for a gender clinic so hopefully soon i will be able to start hormone therapy. As i was saying before i started college a year ago and started going by my preferred name properly for the first time, i applied as Mason and so far not had many problems with it all. For my 17th birthday my mum agreed to get my name legally changed to Mason and surprised me with it and it was probably the best thing i could ever get.

Anyway, its 5:18am and i havent slept since im a big night owl – i dont know if anyone will actually read this or not but if you have then thats a lot of my life so far, ill probably write about it more tomorrow since its a way to get my feelings out. Anyway, if youve read this far, thank you for listening.

09/09/2018 – 5:21am


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