Found out yesterday that my ex-boss (who just left the co. last week) turned DOWN my request for a day off which I put in for over 2 months ago.  Just needed the ONE day for a long weekend at the beach, a long, LONG overdue respite from this stressful job and a very needed change of pace.  NOTHING relaxes me more than the ocean. 

I was so angry yesterday it took all I had to keep from just going home.  I’ll be working today and trying to get all this fixed so I can still take Sep 18th off.  If they only knew how much I needed this brief time off to rejuvenate.  In the long run they get a better employee.

It’s looking more and more like the hives I’ve been experiencing since March are stress-induced.  I was doing fine yesterday, few if any hives, until this day off exploded in my face.  Then I was COVERED with them head to toe.  Last night I went to sleep at 7:00 which i haven’t done in decades.  I’m still agitated and filled with hives today, however.  I’m doing what I can to calm down but it isn’t easy.

It was bad timing on the extra stress since I;m just starting a new antidepressant (Celexa).  Just started it yesterday so I know I have a few weeks before I’ll know if it’s any help with the depression and anxiety.  I hope it works.

Updating this on the 19th.  They still haven’t let me know if I can have my one day off.  If they only knew just how vital this was (they probably still wouldn’t care!).  I really think if I don’t get that long weekend at the beach next month it’ll be the last straw and I might even end up hospitalized.  I can’t take any more stress on this job.  My massive outbreak of hives is monumental this week.  My legs look like I’ve been attacked by wild animals!  I can’t seem to relax enough at home because I’ve really let the place slide since depression and anxiety have gotten so severe and it’s not a comfortable place.

Next order of business for me is find a psychologist and begin therapy.  I really have no one to talk to (which is why I rant here obviously!) and things are reaching the boiling point with me very rapidly.


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