I’m not sure why one second I can be fine and next I’m in such a hard core panic. For no reason at all and sometimes too many reasons. I was just laying in my bed and everything is okay and then the heart palpitations start from my over thinking. All I want is to be able to sleep at 4:42 am instead of lying awake and thinking about shit that 1) doesn’t matter or 2) cannot be fixed at this time of night/ morning.

Truly trying to figure out some methods on how to cope with such bone crippling anxiety. Panic disorder is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and I hope no one ever had to endure this extreme feeling impending doom and overall being so overwhelmed you cannot find words that suffice in just how awful you feel.
I’ve been feeling incredibly hopeless. This has been getting in the way of my every day life for way too long and I’m not sure what to do at this point. I am at my wits end with these horrible feelings.
How do you stop your mind from racing to let your exhausted body fall asleep?



A very mentally/ physically exhausted human.

  1. ronnie16 10 months ago


    I hear ya. Anxiety and panic are the worst. What techniques have you tried? Has anything helped decrease the panic in the past?

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      mackenziepatriciaa 10 months ago

      I’ve really tried everything. From light exercise to trying to meditate to aromatherapy to deep breathing exercises. I’m just feeling extremely hopeless at this point and feel like therapy is going to be my next move. I used to do therapy back in high school and I think talking about things in depth might really help me figure out the under lying issues of what’s eating at me. I feel like once I figure out what my stressors and triggers are it can finally help me ever relax and calm down.
      Xanax isn’t helping anymore. I’m not sure how to sleep much and very much losing it

      Any advice?

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