Well where do I start ? I guess I'm a little frusterated right now. I just had 6 blood tests done and a chest x ray to see if anything was in my lungs and the chest x ray was normal and the blood work was normal all but for a low potassium level. I want to believe that everything is normal but since I have gotten candida almost 5 months ago and have not gotten rid of it yet I am wondering if it is not in my throat. I did have a sputum culture but that was normal so they say,the very bad part of this is that doctors do not know very much about systemic candida so where do I go ?

I have had what they are telling me is a cold now for going on 6 weeks and still i am coughing up really nasty stuff. My throat feels like i have dust in it and it floats all around in my throat and causes me to cough non stop. It also feels as though my throat is swollen but they found nothing in their blood work. Candida is very hard to find in blood work or sputum cultures and so I am fighting what seems like a losing battle. I just dont want this to go into my lungs because that is very hard to get rid of as well.

So I been depressed to tears most of the time.I have not left my house for a long time unless someone drives my car and takes me. I also have upper abdominal pressure that dont seem to go away and they did a upper GI in April and only found the makings of an ulcer but it was not a ulcer yet. So when I walk I have problems have to press in on my abdomin so i dont feel the pressure.

I have lost 75 lbs now and am losing mot only my mind but also my muscle tone.

I just dont know where to turn anymore,





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