Oh God oh God oh God. My brain is freaking out. Forgive the opening phrases. Freaking out. But it's in context so it's not swearing. How in context? I really am praying part of this so….yeah never mind.


Argle. Okay. So I went to the one final that I was able to take. Just one. Just one. Singing in front of my vocal jury that is done emesterly. It is the ONLY one i was able to do this semester but I didn't flub it up too badly. Argh.

Vocal juries = you master six songs yhroughout the fifteen week semester in classical and art song styles. Different languages, different difficulties. You choose one to sing, and then the teachers in the department – your jury – choose the other. I did fine on the first song I believe but messed up the middle part on the second one. It's ironic because it was the part that I thought I knew the best. I guess I just didn't know where to come in. I didn't do any worse than half my friends and peers who were doing the same though so I guess it was okay. The teachers said I had a good recovery there. Bah. Things happen. Music. I love it. I need to not be so anxious though. I had jaw tension and I didn't open my mouth enough. I should have done some relaxation exercises before going in. Oh well. All will be well and good later.

I'm still looking at failing most of my classes. Or getting unofficial withdrawls. I have to email several professors still. But I got through thiss part of today and I didn't know if I could even do that. I hate how I hadd to drastically phase back on what i suppose i should have been able to do. But oh well. Another year when things are a little more in control. Lol. Control. Ever wonder if you'll ever find that yourselves?

I haven't been on here much lately. I suppose I should be more active on the forums. Thanks for all the support everyone. You're awesome.

I'm gonna go….do something mindless so that my mind will chill out for a bit.


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