This is an online SUPPORT community for people with anxiety disorders. Myself; I have PTSD and social anxiety. I have been a member here about a year. Almost ALL the friends I had here a year ago are gone. Life is constantly changing. I met people here that I texted on my phone everyday and we would chat online for hours HELPING EACHOTHER TO GET THRU OUR ISSUES. And for thart, I am forever grateful.

There seems to be a slight change to the flavor of the site tho. Thoughtless comments come easy. Spammers galore. Damaged people who don't know how to interact appropriately with others. People are being insensitive and some can be cruel. People don't know eachother's personal situations and make broad assumptions that lead to hurtul comments. Then they set their profile to private…..interesting to keep info secret.

I am here to get and give support in my personal RECOVERY journey. And there IS recovery. It takes committment to do what is in the best interest of self even if it is uncomfortable, unknown and scary. This includes reaching out to others for support.

So……it's holiday time.

Can we all, when we log in here; check our motives for being here today. Ask yourself why you came here and what do you need or how can you help if you are in a good place today. I say "can we all". OH I know ;it won't happpen, that we ALL are capable of doing that. But maybe just one more person can choose to join me in trying to part of an online communityy that is FREE. It's not free tho if the price you pay for posting a blog leads to hurtful or insensitive comments.

We are all gifted with a hypersensitivety to the world. We experience things more intensly. We are more sensitive than them. It makes us very perceptive, sometimes far more creative, more attentive to our surroundings. If we can learn to harness these gifts that come along with this disorder…..we can have a beautiful life. It has happened for me. I want it to happen to all the good people who come here looking for help.

I am not cured. I am however a different and better person than i was. I know I am good. It comes in spurts and takes hard work but having an anxiety disorder, or any mental ilness, which I have a few. does not have to be the end of the world. Becoming aware of triggers, seeking treatment and staying committed to recovery can heal your disorder. You also stand a good chance of being able to chase your dreams and live them out. And yes this does include falling in love with the right person.

So, what do you think of my blog?

Happy Tuesday!



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