Such a frustrating situation with the "mystery girl" that either fate or just a mere coincidence caused me to meet on and recently start conversing with on Facebook…briefly mentioned this in a recent blog I think….to make long story short, among the baffling hard-to-interpretreplies she has made to me when I have tried to get some sort of ideaif thereis somethingdevolopingbetween us (other than just mere pleasant chit-chat and small-talk) "Idon't know. Maybe. What part of town are you from?" in response to when I rather cleverly(for me anyway) floated the idea by her of meeting in person(which we have yet to do). My reponse to her being the part of town that I do in fact live in…and getting no response from her to that response and just resuming with the small-talk…and then after working up the nerve to ask how such an attractive girl like her could possibly be single(based this assumption mainlyon the fact that she has been flirting with me, and no photos or mention onher Facebook pageof anyone that seems to resemble a boyfriend), her reply being: "I'm dating someone, but men aren't that great, so I'm often single"(!)…whatever in the hell THAT means…mostly bad relationships with men?…that she's GAY?!?…why bothering to chat with me if dating someone–things not working out too well with whomever that person is?!?….Anyway, my response to her was to ask her to elaborate on this–sent this response to her on Monday, and have yet to hear a response to her from that ever since…Have forced myself to go on a self-imposed "sabbatical" from Facebook since Thursday so as to try not to get frustrated or down that she didn't reply to that….well, was supposed to be a full sabbatical, but sadly, have been unable to resist being on there completely, so have just been putting a post-it note(!) in upper left corner of Facebook page so as to avoid seeing if any private messages have been sent to me since Thursday…Planning on keeping this up at least until Monday and then decide what to do from there…a lot of this involves trying to learn from past mistakes in previous attempts at relationships with girls I've been interested in…in which being the perpetual delusional, "hopeless romantic" that I tend to be has gotten the best of me….for once, trying to use a "proceed-with-caution" approach…but trying to mentally prepare myself for same results as usual, and trying to accept that "The Flow of the Universe" as I like to call it, may not have led me to meeting her afterall…perhaps it was merely a "flaw" in The Flow of The Universe…I guess that can happen…anyway, important that if this does officially turn out to be disappointing, that I don't let it get me down and depressed…told myself I can handle it this time if this turns out to be nothing,,,but I guess we'll see if that in fact turns out to be the case…..


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