I believe in justice. I believe that in the end “right” will prevail, so long as you keep striving. I was raised a fighter. For more than 2 years now, I have fought the U.S. Navy to provide the care that was long ago promised to me. The Navy promised to provide medical care to me, because they are responsible for my mother and I being infected with HIV. A Naval doctor misdiagnosed my mother's ectopic pregnancy (where the fetus implants in the fallopian tube, rather than the uterus.) He dismissed her concerns when she went to him, complaining of a painful lump, stabbing pain, and bleeding. He told her to go home, that she was fine. Well she wasn't. Her fallopian tube ruptured a few days later, causing my father to dial 911, sending her to the ER. She received many pints of blood, that she would NEVER have needed, had the NAVAL doctor listened to her and made the CORRECT diagnosis. I was born about 10 months after this occured. Ten years later, in 1990, my family discovered that this mistake by the Naval doctor led to both my mother and I being infected with HIV. The Navy, at that time accepted responsibility and promised medical care to me for life. Now that I am 27, they are denying me care and the very medicine that will keep me well. I am fighting, I will continue to fight, but I need help. I need anyone who feels moved by my story, to call AND write your senators and congressional representative. Tell them about my story and that you want them to help me get the care that was promised.

You can see a more complete version and video of my story by visiting these two websites:

1) www.local6.com/news/13636301/detail.html

2) www.sptimes.com/2007/07/01/news_pf/State/Error_gave_woman_HIV_.shtml

  1. sher_ 14 years ago

    Hello, I just happened to read your blog. I am looking to find sites where my sister who is hiv positive can find support and maybe meet some people in social setting going through the same things she is. Any suggestions?

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  2. sureiam 14 years ago

    great girl, I support you 100%…….. You shall see light at the end……. God bless you!

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