Tea is a combination of tea and spirit, and the performance by the spirit of tea. Xing in Chinese Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song, Ming, and declined in the Qing Dynasty. Chinese tea ceremony five main elements of stress throughout the United States, that is, tea, tea, degree of heating, tea set, the environment.

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    Tea to follow certain rules. Tang nine difficult to overcome, that is made, do, devices, fire, water, sunburn, the end of cooking and drinking. Song for the three points with three no tea, "three" for the new tea, Oasis, cleaning devices for the weather as a good, romantic and refined, tastes and temperament Jiake one.

    A concrete manifestation of the Chinese tea ceremony in two forms: brewing tea. The tea powder and water into a boiling pot. Tang, brewing tea, is the artistic taste of the earliest form of tea.
telescope store     Bucket of tea. Ancient scholars and gentlemen, each carrying tea and water, through the soup than tea flowers and tea tasting to appreciate the merits of a tea set Art. The Big Dipper, also known as Thea sinensis tea war, rising in the late Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty. The first popular in the area of Fujian statehood. Tea is the ancient art of fighting the highest form of tea.

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    Gongfu. Prevalent in some areas since the Qing Dynasty Gongfu is the Tang dynasty onwards tea art fashions finish. Popular in Fujian, the Qing Dynasty congou Tingzhou, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Chaozhou in Guangdong. Congou attention to drink something.
Chinese tea ceremony in the course of development, Buddhism has played a very important role.

    Tang, "Travelog Wen Jian Lu," contains: "study of Chan Services in Insomnia, not evening meals, all promise their drinking. People from the Huai gamma, making drink everywhere, from phase conversion followed, then into a custom." Also Tang poet Du Mu: "Today, Buddhist temples collapsed bank wire, tea, tobacco Qing Yang Flower and the wind," a vivid description of the monk tea when the quiet elegance of the scene.

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    The popularity of tea in the size of the temple, monks to strengthen the research on tea plucking, so there out of ancient temples, tea phenomenon of great mountains and rivers.

    If Biluochun, produced in Jiangsu Dongting Mountain BI Luo Feng, formerly known as "Moon Water Tea", the first month they Dongting Landscape Institute Shanseng obtained. Wuyi, Wuyi Temple Chan Seng made for the best. Junshan needles produced in the Chun-shan Bai Temple.

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    The combination of tea and Buddhism, greatly promoted the development of tea culture, ancient books Song of the temple are equipped with "tea together", "cha", the monks are here to discuss Zen Buddhism Road at large by the theory, hospitality Shi Zhubin off, drinking tea.

    Temple advocate tea, tea at the same time, the Buddhist Dynasties, tea time with the Buddhist philosophy, the concept of integrated life, "tea house, regardless of the Buddha," "Tea and Zen are one," "Tea and Zen 1" this generated.
Tea and Buddhism have in common Road, were the main feelings, deep flavor and not non. Tea needs a calm, orderly sip stress in order to environment and mood of quiet, clean, comfortable.

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    Development of the Chinese tea ceremony, the emergence of many tea books. Since the Tang Lu Yu, "Tea" to the late Qing Cheng Yuting's "straighten Anhui tea paperwork," a total of more than 100 kinds of monographs. Including the Tea Act, miscellaneous notes, tea spectrum, recorded tea, Tea, Sencha tea, water, chemicals, tea tax on tea and tea history, tea in mind, tea sets, tea books, tea sparse, tea test, described tea, tea debate, tea, tea tips, tea around, tea scale, tea together, take tea, tea party, tea pods, Ming Tan, etc..

    The world's first tea Monographs Tang Yu, "Tea." Lu Yu, name of illness, total serious, careful study of the previous and current experience in tea production, the completion of the founding of a "Tea." So revered god of tea and tea cents. "Tea" was systematically summed up the experience of drinking tea plucking and fully discussed the origin of tea production, consumption and other aspects of the tea spread of scientific knowledge, promote the development of tea production, open China tea ceremony precedent.


    Since Lu Yu of "Tea", the tea monograph appeared one after another, to further promote the development of Chinese tea things. Representative works of the Song Cai Xiang's "Record of Tea", Huizong Zhao Ji "Treatise on Tea," Ming Qian Chunnian essays, Gu Yuanqing school "tea spectrum," Zhang Yuan's "Record of Tea", Qing Liu Yuan-long "history of tea "and so on.

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