Stop. Just stop.

Stop trying to help, giving me those sad faces. Stop treating me like I am broken, and feeling sorry for me. Stop trying to help, but giving up when it gets too hard. Stop saying how I will get over this. I know I won’t. So let me ask you, why when someone looks sad do you TRY to help and not actually help? You know, sometimes all somebody needs is for someone to understand, or relate to what they are going through. Please don’t pity us. Help us.

I get it. You are busy, you have a family, you have plans. Whatever that is. Just forget it. Give that person five minutes of your time. Is five minutes too much to ask? If five minutes is too much, do not expect special treatment for yourself. The next time you are crying in a bathroom stall, expect nobody to help you. That is what you are doing when not giving somebody else five minutes of your time.

You can accomplish a lot in five minutes. You can get yourself together. You can stop crying. You can blow your nose, a talk about what made you upset if somebody helps you. You could even get a hug. Now, of course if nobody came to help you and instead laughed at you. How would you feel?

The next time you see someone sad, imagine that as yourself. Alone and depressed.

So next time you see someone sad, PROMISE ME THIS:

Promise me you will help that person. Promise me you will treat them like a person. That is all I ask. And if you cannot do that, do not expect anyone to help you when you need it.

EVERYONE: You can make a difference. A BIG difference too. And all you need is about five minutes.

  1. condemned 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this. I agree that when somebody sincerely tries to help you, it makes a big difference.

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