So, I joined about 8 days ago (8/10).. when I joined I was in a really bad way… Nothing was helping.. I did not even know if this place was going to help.. it was definately my last resort… My first couple experiences in chat didnt go so well, or at least, I was probably just being over sensative… I think I was looking for all of these instant solutions… but I was just not getting them… But I gave it time.. I know.. its only been 8 days…

Anyway, if some of u dont know, I am a diagnosed Bipolar.. My whole life is a big roller coaster.. But, I think things are looking up a little, much better than they were, at least… I do acknowledge that I have moved into somewhat of a manic state rather than depression, But I am really hoping that I am feeling beter and I am not going to crash this weekend… I did only sleep an hour and a half last night, then worked 10 hours… I did take a little nap.. that is the only reason I am awake right now…

But, one of the main reasons that I have been down lately is due to money issues.,.. and I do come up with ideas all of the time and they usually dont pan out, or I dont follow thru, but I got a couple good ideas last night, so I was up researching last night on vendor lisences and things like that… But tonight I have vowed to keep myself away from looking into all of that stuff, so that I can get some sleep! My ideas arent any 'get rich quick' schemes, I realize that I wont make a lot of money…. but it will give me a hobby to pass the time and maybe help put some food in my fridge… I also vowed to go back to the gym starting tonight too… but with the lack of sleep and such a long work day, I didnt make it… but my gym bag is still packed, so I am shooting for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    First welcome to the tribe. Second there is a bipolar forum  here. Third, you will find lots of people struggling with this issure, so you should find support.

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  2. cleopardi 11 years ago

    sorry ur chat room didnt go to well.  but i am sure it was nice to have someone to talk to that understands.  i know there is no instant resolutions, it wold be so nice if there were.  just try to keep up in chat , sometimes people are busy and really don't talk but dont take it personally.  just keep trying or ask someone for help.   i am sure someone will talk to you. welcome to dt.  cindy

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