so as most of my brothers and sisters here on this site know i am pretty hard nosed when it comes to recovery. no sugar coating just straight forward in your face type Recovery. I do have a lot of compassion for anyone trying to better themselves and their lives. my question today is why do people come on here asking for our help, God's help and anybody else who read's their blogs and then don't reply back? is it because somebody finally called you on your sh*t and it's driving you crazy? believe me most of us do not have to drive far. i read all these pleas for help and maybe some suggestions but is that what you're truly looking for? are you chasing the pipe dream that your sick and there is not a cure?

first off you cannot con a true con man. believe when i tell you i was one of the best on this planet. when and if you ever admit that you do have a problem and come to the realization that it is a treatable disease then and only then can you empower yourself to seek the help you need. we all suffer from an incurable and sometimes fatal disease called addiction. that addiction can encompass everything you do in life. when you are finally sick of being sick, tired of being tired, and ready to accept what has been offered to you free of charge are you ready to take the needed steps to get help.

we can never become recovered but we can live in recovery. life is full of ups and downs but we can weather any storm if we are willing to go to any lengths to do something about the problem. if we don't put a plan into action then nothing is going to change. i don't give a rat ass what your problem is i want to know when are you going to seek the solution? how long do you have to keep torturing yourself and those you love the most? when is enough going to be enough? how many times have we asked God to get us out of this mess we're in but never got that help? because God will only help those who truly want help. we work towards becoming the spiritual person we want to be. you do not have to become a religious fanatic to become spiritual. what you choose for your HP is just that.

ask yourself what is it finally going to take? getting locked up for a while? 30 years ago i was sitting in a prison cell in Alaska facing 2 to 20 years. that did not work for me. i went to my first AA meeting at 17. i did not make it back for 17 years. at the age of 34 i went to treatment and only by the grace of God have i managed to stay clean since. we go to meetings maybe even more than one a day, we find a loving, trusting sponsor to help us work the 12 steps. we learn to live the 12 step lifestyle and never look back. it's all or nothing. it's a hell of a lot simpler than you think. stop complicating sh*t and complaing about sh*t and get the help you need to become the person you truly want to be. it does not matter what your addicted to, whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, cars, or any other problem that interrupts your daily lives. damnit do something about it. you are only going to get relief when you seek the help you truly need. stop f#@king the dog and get off your ass, stop whining and learn how to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

okay i am going to close this great American novel before i really get pissed. i have a meeting to chair tonight. i wish you could all be there. remember that Recovery is a life long journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way. I am 59 now with 24 years, 2 months and 11 days clean. and still loving my life. a lot of crap has happened since this journey began but I still believe in me and the people who have taught me a new way of life. stay clean and be good to yourself.

A Brother in Recovery for Life,



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