The neighbours cat came over for a visit, started coming over when Bubba died, came over a few times when she was around and always ended up cornered in the toiilet lol… this time… the cat could have cornered Marley lol, he shat himself and ran upstairs hahaha he sat on the stairs and watched the cat walk through the back door then once the cat sort of tried to investigate him, he ran for it! well atleast he didn't kill it.

Mum finally got her tax return, centerlink withheld it because back in 2001 mum didn't file a tax return, cause she chose not to work for a year and centerlink claimed she owed them like $9000 because of child support or some bullshit… any way that hardly makes sense lol important thing is, It is finally sorted out.

I had to go buy some hayfever pills, I have had it every day for the past two weeks, and I am surprised I am still alive, and that there is still fluid in my body and my eyes are still in place from all that sneezing. I havn't had hayfever in years and back then the pills were pretty cheap, I rang pop last night to see how much they are these days and he said they are rather expencive, went to the chemist yesterday and Telfast is like $20 for 12 pills, when they showed me I just said "are you serious?" and this young girls looked at me like she was thinking "well what do you expect?" I just thought "screw you!!!" ended up getting a pack of 30 for $35…. should last a month, but over a $1 per tablet?? rip off ( i think ) how on earth do pentioners afford this kind of stuff?

Well im off to get the paper. Have a good weekend every one 🙂



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