I guess I'll categorize my mood as frustration due to me continuing to sleep through my alarm. I can only think of one reason this keeps happening: the damn medication. I began taking the Zyprexa at 8 pm and yet I still have trouble getting up in the morning. Or rather hearing my alarm. I'm beginning to think I need to buy one of those alarm clocks that runs away from you (yes there is such an alarm clock LoL. Google 'runaway alarm clock'). Anyway I had a good Valentine's Day, despite being single. I like to think of Valentine's Day as celebrating all kinds of love: familial love, sibling love and other. I guess I choose to see it that way because I have been single for all 24 of my Valentine's Days lol. I am also reminded of the couples around me: my grandparents (despite 3/4ths of them not being here), my parents and other family members. My paternal grandpa had a billboard made for my grandma for their 26th anniversary. I never knew the story until my aunt posted a picture of it. I've always heard my paternal grandpa was a romantic.
Today would have been my paternal grandpa's birthday. He passed away before I was born but I still like to "talk" to him and wonder what he would have been like as a grandpa. He was a police officer for a town in Georgia. My dad was his first child and has four siblings. My cousin J was just a baby when ourgrandpa passed. But J probably has pictures of our grandpa holding him. I have a few pictures of my maternal grandpa holding me and I cherish them.
I guess I need to cut off this nostalgia and focus on something else. I swear nostalgia and wishing seem to get me in quite a bit of trouble, emotionally speaking.

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  1. KrazyBoii 9 years ago

    I had a girflriend for my past two valentines (same one) and we just broke up like 2 weeks ago and it seemed like yesterday was the hardest day of life. Seeing people around me so happy together made me feel worse but i never looked at it the way you did, that it celebrates all kinds of love, I wish you could have made this yesterday lol but thanks for the "tip" ? By the way i searched up that runaway alarm clock and it's actually hilarious lol. Good luck with waking up 🙂

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