Today i find myself feeling useless and a little shitty with the world. I am tired and frankly sick of fighting. However, tomorrow i shall pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on. Why? Simply because i don’t want to die, well not today anyway. I am in pain, alot. Figure if i ever wake up and i’m not in pain it must mean i’m dead lol.  I have a job and i work as many hours as i can, which aren’t nearly enough as i’d like to. Physically however i work as many hours as i am able to. However this is not enough to get by. Today i had to ask my father for help, beare in mind i never ask for help, but i had no choice. I have been homeless, i have lived on the streets, and i will never do that again. So here i am disabled, miserable and broke. Self esteem and self worth are pretty much non existant. I am however starting the crazy cat lady thing, only have 2 cats so far though lol.

It disturbs me that depressed ppl who want to share their sadness and misfortune must adhere to a 300 word blog, i have mentioned it before and i will continue to fight this. It only takes two words for a depressed person in need to ask for help from anyone who listens. And that is HELP ME. It saddens me that ppl in need become money for some sick and sad corporation. Once upon a time this was a great site for finding help and letting ppl vent about their day, and perhaps find a little help and some healing. Now it’s just a money maker for some bigwig who couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone or anything.




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