In the past month, I have written, 3 replys to suicide blogs. (Like so many of you.)  I realize that many of us, including me, sometimes have suicidal thoughts. Some have made actual attempts. I would like to address those who may be thinking of writing one of these suicidal blogs in the future. I am not going plead with you to talk to someone before you take this action. You already know this. But I will ask whoever you are to stop and think about the effect these public pronouncements have on other members of DT. The common bond we all share is some form of depression. Some of us also suffer great physical pain. Many of us are just barely holding ourselves together. Then someone comes along and posts one of these blogs. Surely whoever you are must realize that that these blogs cause a great deal of anxiety, hurt, and possibly even feelings of guilt to those, who given the  opportunity, would be more that willing to help. And those who are friends, are made to feel  like failures…left thinking, "If only I had done more"…"why did I not see this coming?" Now think about it,,,do suicide blogs really accomplish anything? I don't think so. Rather, I believe, whoever you are, that these blogs are extremely selfish.  They completly disregard the feelings of those who love and care about you. Yes, I know. Whoever you are feels that no one loves or cares about you. You just might be suprised. But whoever you are will never find out.  Right. Who ever you are is gong to "a better place." Really sure about that? Ever die before? And I said I would not  address the "talk to someone" part. I changed my mind.There are so many people at DT who would gladly listen to your problems and discuss them with you. Caring and supporting each  other is one of the ways we heal ourselves. So please do talk to someone you love or trust… family member, doctor, friend, or someone here at DT. And whover you are, always remember you are not a whoever you are. You are a person of worth and value…you are somebody who  deserves respect…has the right to be listened to …you are not a "whover you are"…you have a name. Please, at least tell me your name before you write a suicide blog..Your Friend Jack


  1. angels5888 16 years ago

    thanks jack for saying what i was thinking, ive been here for a long time, and ive never seen all this suicide stuff printed out, its really not a good thing to do, there is an emercy part to this site in case u didnt know, so pls enought with the suicide blogs, it does upset us all, and that is not right, if someone here is making u feel that way talk to then , talk to some one but pls enuff with the blogs pls, not trying to be mean, its just hurting everybody else

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  2. Jack 15 years ago

    Hi All, First this was written on 03/09/08. It may not seem like a long time ago to you, but be assured that my universe is expanding if only slowly. Second I admit to having suicidal thoughts. At times I am preoccupied with destroying myself. I am not saying do not announce that you're in in big trouble and very close to committing suicide. Scream like hell!!! Someone will here your pleas. If you're not up to screaming leave your phone # with a trusted friend on this site just as you would do with your doctor or counselor. Lastly, please do listen to what very wise people like the Anomaly have to say. I am not saying this is so, but perhaps she knows someone who has been there. And PLEASE read the last part of this blog. It is a very impassioned plea for you and me to at least talk to someone before posting a suicide blog. and if you or me feel there is still no way to get the help and attention you need by all means post that blog. We will pray for your safe return to DT. Peace and good thoughts….Jack

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