If someone asked me what was the worse thing that ever happened to me, I would tell them that it was the time I turned into a "5-day insomniac". No really, that's exactly how it felt, and I noticed a big changed in me. Being a person who is used to sleeping becomes dependent on it. Going without sleep can change you psychologically (Yes, i used myself as a lab rat lol). I dont know how everybody's mind work, but i know my mind was confused (Which is nothing knew tbh, just worse than usual). This is how I felt: The first day wasnt too bad considering that I've stayed up all night before. i just shook it off and looked forward to sleeping that night. Day 2 came, started feeling tired, but I to my surprised i was still awake. I wasnt dosing off or anything even though I can feel my body starting to shut down. Day 3 was horrible, my father kept talking to me because he was staying up with me. I felt my patience level starting to drop, but i had to keep my cool because i know how my father is. Day 4 wasnt so bad, only because I was at peace with myself and no one bothered me too much. I was then at a point where any small nuisance would make me enraged, I could feel it. Day 5 had me in tears. My body was telling me to stop and rest, but I couldnt. My parents were not helping either. They kept pushing me, telling me that im havent experienced anything. But they have no idea what goes on in my head. They dont care that i suffer from mental trauma. Not sleeping for 5 days didnt bother them, but i wonder how good they slept. Hearing them snoring across the hall indicates that it had to be good. But day 6 marked the last day. At that point, my body has officially shut down. My eyes were so tired, I could not open them passed halfway. They were literally red and sore. I called my supervisor to let her know that i was not coming, and i fell asleep. (Yay me!!!!)


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