I don’t know why everyone thinks suicide is the option! Because it isn’t! It isn’t the option!!

I can’t take it, almost every one of my friends is suicidal! It hurts me so much to see them in pain, I care about them more than anything, but they don’t believe me because they don’t think they’re worth anything. I can’t see them hurt themselves, it hurts me too, really, really bad. I’m there for them if they need me, I’m here for every person who is in need of a shoulder to cry on. I have the feeling like I’m useless, I can’t even help my friends feel better.

I am so broken inside, and I always say suicide is a chain because it is! If they commit suicide others think it’s the right way to escape all their pain. But it is not the right way!! I know you’re hurting! and I know how hard life is! But please… please don’t do it… People will miss you, more than you think! The people you know who are depressed will think suicide is the right way out and the people you know that aren’t depressed yet, well they’ll slowly die inside too.

The more my friends talk about it and talk about how there’s no way out, the more I start to think they’re right… But I know they’re not right! You hurt people by killing yourself!! And it hurts so so bad, I feel like my heart is already dead… but I’m not planning on giving up because then I’ll never see how beautiful life can be. I’m sure that things will get better! As long as you don’t give up!! Yes, it might take a while, maybe a few years but please… please don’t do it!!

Please stay strong for the ones you love

I’m here if you need to talk



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