My baby’s little one has passed into another realm. I don’t know how to feel about it, but she fought the cancer well. I imagine the song “Cancer” playing in the background, the classic MCR song all around the room at full blast. I mean, technically, she’s my daughter, too, so I’m in a flood of emotions. I don’t know whether to sulk or to be proud that she was a fighter. We’re both super upset and, considering there’s been a lot of death in my life, it hurts and I’ll probably be grieving for a long time. I didn’t get to technically meet her, but, based off of what I’ve heard about her, she has a beautiful soul. But, I’m told things like this actually strengthen a relationship, so I’m pushing through. It’s tough, but I’m hanging in. “One More Light” is probably what this topic should end on, but I feel like it should be happier. I don’t know, but I hope my daughter’s doing well in the afterlife.

  1. babsholotta 3 years ago

    Im def not a therapist…however growing up overseas in war time areas…loosing family members, and being pronounced dead 3 times, i can say that it is very peaceful on the ‘other side’. Not to minimize your experience..i had a little sis age 6 when she passed away (health reasons) it hurt. However, after my near death experiences…a sense of calm serenity came upon my soul. Im not talking talking about the spirit. I would bet my life that what she would want for you is to remember and cherish the good that she taught you all. My twin boys know my little sis by my stories.

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  2. Author
    piscesbs 3 years ago

    I’m sure, too. She’s no the first family member I’ve lost, but it still hurts…

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